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The Brice Kennedy Show is a half hour television show in which I try to draw attention to my childish behavior by any means necessary. Everyone knows that being the center of attention and acting like a complete dumb-ass are two things that I dearly love. No newsflash here. I've been doing it for years. It's just that now I get to do it in a TV studio and on location all over Morgantown and Pittsburgh. Each episode of The Show is filled with oddball stunts, musical guests, off beat humor and genuine BK idiocy. For years, these assorted acts of general weirdness have amazed and amused my friends and family. Now I unleash myself and the ensuing Idiocy on the fine people of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

You can catch The Brice Kennedy Show on Mountain Digital 7.
The Idiocy invades North Central WV every Saturday night at 11PM. Finally, you may breathe.

The BK Show will also air on Pittsburgh's PCTV Channel 21 soon.
Woo and hoo.

Who the hell's
responsible for this?!

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Heather, my former co-host.

A shot of the first set at PCTV.

Friend and camerawoman
extraordinaire, Stephanie.

(l-r) The Technical Director, The Host
and The (former) Co-Host. The collective "bombs".

Two of my best friends and writers,
Rachel and Jason (the infamous Sir Jay).

Bobcat Goldthwait and I at Fairmont
State in 2000. An early influence.

"When the fern grows high
In the melancholy sky
And all you can do is wonder,
Think of me
And I'll always be
Knocking at your door with an elbow full of ale on a warm summer's day with some bread."

-Brice Kennedy

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The Brice Kennedy Show T-Shirt.
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