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Episode 1

The studio segments for the first episode were taped waaaaaaay back in November of 2000 and the individually taped remote segments were shot over the last couple of years. In the first episode, Brice interviews PCTV intern Nathalie Evrat. Something really pissed her off... could've been Heather, the co-host, streaking across the stage. Who knows? Pissing off your very first guest = a great start. Also, Smash Mouth gets theirs in a memorable moment that introduces Brice's legendary sledgehammer. Johnny No-Name came out to perform the theme from TV's "The Jeffersons". What a performance! Just Johnny and his electric guitar. In taped segments, Brice ventures out into traffic and stood in the road with his pants dropped to my ankles. Always a great way to commemorate Arbor Day.

Guests: Nathalie Evrat
Musical Guest: Johnny No-Name

Heather's nakedness offends

boom box goes to school
Taking a stand against teeny bopper-esque Top 40 radio, Brice takes out his frustrations on a small portable radio. Any device playing a Smash Mouth song deserves it.

In a taped segment, Brice ventures into the middle of Patteson Drive in Morgantown. Just outside of Blockbuster Video and Taco Bell, passersby were treated to a masked and partially clothed host of a popular local television program. Standing there for nearly five minutes, cars swerved and honked as people began to realize that The Idiocy has arrived here in Morgantown.
look at my wee!

More episodes to come you silly little
Kodak brand digital camera-loving elbow muncher!


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