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The Show
Monongalia Arts Center
(The MAC)
Where the magic is taped every single month.
IMDb: The Show The Show's page in the Internet Movie Database.
Mountain Digital 7 The home of The Brice Kennedy Show. They rock. They do not however, produce doorknobs. I say again: they are NOT a doorknob manufacturer. Do NOT call or e-mail them asking any doorknob or doorknob-related questions. YOUR QUESTIONS WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.
Sandra Black The brothers Zweiner and company rock our socks off. Not having socks bites but their music is worth it.
(Episodes 5 & 6 Musical Guests)
The Emergency Rob Wehrle, Aaron Crothers and Kevin Post attempt to dominate Morgantown's music scene as well its laundromats.
Zone 8 Recordings The Show's theme song was recorded here. Mark Poole helped me. Actually, I hummed what I wanted and he played it. This is the secret to developing theme songs for television shows. Humming and playing.
WV Music Scene is the definitive source for... the... WV... music... scene. Elise also did a nice review of The Show (check the Media page for the link).
123 Pleasant Street 123 Pleasant Street is THE music venue of Morgantown. The bar has played host to everyone from Sandra Black to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. 123 is also the place where the song "Special Ed Girl" was born and where I got trashed for the first time.
The Scene Great site on Morgantown bands and stuff. Tons of MP3's, too. Yummy!
Mark and John Polonia Filmmakers and B-Movie Icons Mark and John Polonia somehow managed to make it through my 45 minute long B-Movie Special without too many scarring side effects.
(Episode 3 Guests)
Jon McBride Actor, musician, producer, director - you name it and McBride has done it. Performing "If" from his CD "Bad Country Music", Jon appeared on The B-Movie Special. We hope he comes on as a guest next time.
(Episode 3 Musical Guest)
Todd Carpenter One of the most underrated actors in recent history, Todd is a staple in the low budget scene. His cinematic prowess and general "What the hell?"-ness grace The Brice Kennedy Show from time to time.
(Episode 3 Guest)
Eric McGuire WVAQ's morning man, Eric's voice has graced the fair city of Morgantown for years.
(Episode 4 Guest)
Jacob Young Emmy-winning director and kick-ass guy.
(Episode 5 Guest)
Larry Nelson "Mr. Radio", also known as one of Froggy 102.7's morning guys, doesn't have his own site yet but this picture sums it up nicely.
(Episode 6 Guest)
Brice's Acting Site I act. Like a dolt usually but oftentimes professionally. My acting site hasn't been updated in quite a while.
IMDb: Brice Kennedy My page in the Internet Movie Database.
Fruity Pebbles Best. Cereal. Ever.
Tom Green The official website of one of the very few celebrities that are worth the hype. In fact, he's very underrated here in the states, unlike Canada where he is truly appreciated. Then again, so am I in Paraguay. There I am God.
The Dominion Post Morgantown, WV newspaper. In her final column, Lisa Musick did a piece on The Show. Days later, I'd learned that she no longer works there. Coincidence? Hope I didn't get her fired.
Andy Kaufman Comedic genius, professional antagonist and bona fide legend. News, info and message boards dedicated to the world of B-Movies.
Internet Movie Database The web's premier source of movie and television info.


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