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APRIL 2003

4.23.03 - Trashy News and Rumors!
I've got a new manager/agent - Ro Brooks of the MAC! Stuff in the works include local video rental distribution, interviewing several high profile guests and the show being carried on several new channels!

MARCH 2003

3.22.03 - April Taping at The MAC!
The Show makes its debut at the Monongalia Arts Center Thursday, April 10th at 7:30PM! It's been confirmed that the Episode 6 taping WILL in fact be hella nifty with Mr. Hollywood, Froggy 102.7's LARRY NELSON in the studio! Morgantown band THE EMERGENCY will be performing live and there may also be a special mystery co-host! All of this plus we'll be microwaving food!

3.01.03 - Episode 3... FINALLY!
Okay, so Episode 3, The B-Movie Special didn't premiere on February 15th. We were just kidding. The real meaning of "Saturday, Feb. 15th" is "Saturday, March 8th". Finally no more reruns of the same two episodes! Indeed The B-Movie Special, featuring filmmakers THE POLONIA BROTHERS, Musician/actor JON MCBRIDE and B-staple TODD CARPENTER debuts Saturday, March 8th at 11PM on Mountain Digital 7. The search for a new co-host starts with the first try-out: JAYMEE PRO! So don't miss The Polonia Brothers, Jon McBride, Jaymee's audition and a couple of short "films" by yours truly. Hallelujah!

Guests: The Polonia Brothers, Todd Carpenter
Musical Guest: Jon McBride


2.27.03 - TBKS Moves To The MAC!
Starting with the Episode 6 Taping (date TBA), The Show will be taping episodes at The MAC in downtown Morgantown! More convenience, less snow - that's what we're all about. So cock your guns and lick your grandmother - it's The Brice Kennedy Show... at The Monongalia Arts Center! Thanks to the stout hearts who braved the treacherous roads to the far off netherregions of Reedsville to worship in the House of Sledge. Now let's see if The Mac can contain what The Domain couldn't - ME!!

2.05.03 - Feb. Taping = Rad Show
Saturday's taping of Episode 5 ruled the school. JACOB YOUNG and I talked about everything from Jesco White to The New Beverly Hillbillies. We also mountain danced! Dancing with Emmy award-winners - that's what The Brice Kennedy Show is all about. The animal suit-clad members of SANDRA BLACK made their presence known by debuting some new material and storming the stage at the end of the show. Nothing says "rock" like getting humped by a shark.


1.26.03 - In February: The B-Movie Special!
Start the new year the Brice Kennedy way - a month late! The first episode of 2003 premieres SATURDAY, FEB. 8th at 11PM on MD7. Brice goes to Wellsboro, PA to visit B-movie icons MARK and JOHN POLONIA. Their pal JON MCBRIDE stops by to perform the theme from "Cannibal Campout"! Indy films rule the school!

1.23.03 - LIVE TAPING this Saturday!
Episode 5 will be taped LIVE at The Digital Domain Theater THIS SATURDAY, Feb. 1st at 7PM. My guest will be Emmy award-winning filmmaker, JACOB YOUNG, director of numerous documentaries, including the cult classic film about Jesco White - "The Dancing Outlaw". We'll be sure to ask Jacob about his work on the upcoming reality series "The New Beverly Hillbillies", too! Morgantown rock heroes SANDRA BLACK will be the musical guests and I'll be announcing the BRAND NEW CO-HOST! So come out and see The Show live or beat your grandma's ass.

Guests: Jacob Young
Musical Guest: Sandra Black

1.05.03 - The First Live Taping!
Episode 4, the first live studio audience taping of The Brice Kennedy Show totally kicked ass! This past Saturday saw The Show's first taping at The Digital Domain Theater. WVAQ's ERIC MCGUIRE was on the couch, STIMULUS rocked the house, MEGHAN KING auditioned for the co-host position and I sledgehammered a computer! Check the new Message Board more and for... well, for messages.


12.17.02 - Watch The Christmas Special!
It's The Brice Kennedy Show Christmas Special! Airing Saturday, Dec. 21 @ 11PM, throughout the week of Christmas and Saturday, Dec. 28 @ 11PM only on Mountain Digital Channel 7! Also, Episode 4 tapes January 4th at The Show's new home, The Digital Domain Theater! Come see The Show live and take part in the first ever Studio Audience! The Idiocy returns each and every week in reruns on MD7! Plus, we'll soon be debuting on Pittsburgh's PCTV Channel 21!

12.11.02 - LIVE TAPING in January!
Come out and be a part of the 1st ever LIVE studio audience at The Show's new home, The Digital Domain Theater in Reedsville! We'll be talking to ERIC MCGUIRE and rocking to STIMULUS! Episode 4 will be taped live on Saturday, January 4th at 7PM.

Guest: Eric McGuire
Musical Guest: Stimulus


11.28.02 - Episodes 1 and 2!
You can catch Episodes 1 and 2 airing SATURDAYS at 11PM on Mountain Digital 7! Have YOU seen The Brice Kennedy Show yet? Well, after nearly three years of preproduction, The Brice Kennedy Show is on the air. The Show premiered on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd at 11PM on Mountain Digital 7 in Preston County! The Pilot episode and the 2nd episode, The Christmas Special, have been airing since then! I'm on the air! Finally, I'm a star of the big AND small screens!

11.24.02 - The Show Airs This Saturday!!
The Premiere episode of The Brice Kennedy Show will air this Saturday, Nov. 23 @ 11pm on Mountain Digital Channel 7! The Show will soon be on the air on Pittsburgh's PCTV Channel 21!

11.22.02 - Newsflash! Important! Hot Sex!
The Brice Kennedy Show will be on a brand new station! Starting in November, The Show will air on Charter Communications' Mountain Digital Channel 7 throughout Preston County, WV! The Show will also be airing on Pittsburgh's PCTV Channel 21!


5.5.01 - PI-79 Kicked Ass!
Thanks to all who came to see "The Pirates of I-79"! It was a great success! Check out the Daily Athenaeum article!

4.14.01 - PI-79 Premieres This Wednesday!
"The Pirates of I-79" premieres this Wednesday at the Mountainlair Ballroom. Check it out, beyatch!

2.2.01 - Lester, Links and My Poll!
Check out the new Links section for some hilarious, rip-roaring fun. Also added Brice's hit song, "Lester (Sam Threw)"! Added Brice's Poll... so take it, damnit! Well kiddies, it's looking like the show might be on the air by early summer. In the meantime, I'm adding stuff to the site nearly every other day so keep checking back. Check out the new Links page and the Lester P. Mallory Tribute track, "Lester (Sam Threw)". It's in WAV format but it's a pretty small file so download it immediately. God, I rock. Oh and, uh, Bobcat says hey.


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