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"A smorgasbord of music! A cornucopia of fun!"

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Here it is: The Anthem of The Idiocy... The Brice Kennedy Show Theme - "Rock Your Ass Off". The track was recorded at Mark Poole's Morgantown-based Zone 8 Records. Mark has recorded tracks for local bands such as Moon, Granny’s 12 Gauge, Todd Burge, 63 Eyes, Law Biting Citizens and scores of others. Lead, rhythmn and bass guitar - Mark Poole. Drum solo at the beginnning - Brice Kennedy. Hell. Yes.

Brice brings us his rendition of the sacred ancient hymn, Kippa Pi. This spontaneous gem occured one sunny day when the sacred ancient spirits posessed Brice's body as he channelled their energy to convey this powerful and deeply insightful chant. This spiritual journey of the mind. body and soul. This sacred ancient hymn.

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The Outlet, WVU's now-defunct creative arts organization, held it's Valentines Day-themed talent contest "Love Stinks" Valentine's Day night... eve (what?) at 123 Pleasant St. I thought I'd throw my hat in. It was tossed back at me and nearly poked my precious little eye out. Nevertheless, I took the stage and performed "Special Ed Girl", a song I'd spent minutes writing. It's about falling in love with a girl who hits her head, goes a little wacky, hits her head again, regains her mind but loses her boyfriend for he had fallen in love with his Special Ed Girl. So I did the song with a little drunken accompaniment and the judges deemed me worthy of the 2nd place prize. Rock on.

You know the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey? You know, the infamous "Daaaa... daaaa... daaaaaaa. DA-DAAAA!" song. Think you've heard it all? Well think again, idiot face! It's the new millenium and this is the new version - it's "2001... 2001"!!

Lester (Sam Threw). My first MP3. Just what DID Sam throw anyway? And who is this Lester cat? Speaking of cat, what's that weird meow-like noise throughout the track? Click on the link. Read on. Rock on.


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