by Elise Adkins

Never heard of it?  You’re not alone.  Plenty of other people haven’t heard of it either.  Which is a shame, because it’s pretty damn cool.  But don’t be sad, be happy - because I’m about to tell you all about it. 

I met Brice on, of all things, Yahoo! chat.  We had a nice conversation, part of which included him asking if I would mind reviewing his TV show.  I don’t generally do reviews of anything (unless they seriously annoy me), but I thought what the hell.  This could turn out to be fun.  He mailed me the very first ever episode he made and I watched it that night.

As it turns out, I was right about the fun part.

I have never before watched locally done television shows.  While I knew, theoretically, they existed, it wasn’t that big a deal to me.  Now I wish I had MountainDigital 7.  But, alas, I don’t.

The Brice Kennedy Show, mostly filmed in Morgantown, is good, comedic fun for all you people with twisted senses of humor like mine.  Somewhat reminiscent of the Tom Green show, with some elements of Conan and Tenacious D thrown in for good measure (all shows, I might add, I adore), Brice’s totally twisted, and sometimes surreal, comedic bent shines through.

Several scenes come to mind that totally made me laugh my ass off, including the “plastic bags” scene and the “standing in the street in your undies” scene (for lack of better names, on my part), but my favorite had to be the interview with the pissed-off French chick.  Whether she was actually pissed off, or it was part of a skit, I will likely never know, but it was brilliant just the same.  Plus, for all you guys out there - Brice’s co-host on this episode, Heather, streaks past the camera during the interview, wearing nothing but a clock radio.  Definitely something you’d probably want to check out.

Suffice it to say, I was well entertained for that half hour and would catch that show regularly if I could.  While not professionally produced, the content is good, the acting/writing/all the other stuff is great and it is definitely a show I would recommend to others.

Want more information about it?  You’re in luck because I have it.  If you are lucky enough to get MountainDigital 7 (Charter Communications, Preston County), you can tune in to this show Saturdays at 11 p.m.  Brice is currently working on the getting the show aired in other places but until then, if you don’t get MountainDigital 7, you can order copies of the episodes.  Where do you order them from?  Easy - - the official show site.  There are currently 5 episodes that have been done with, I assume, more on the way.  And while I have not had the opportunity to watch the other four episodes, I can only imagine they get even better than the first.  Which, as I said, was totally cool.

So if you’re looking for something entertaining, funny, twisted and different from the same-old same-old crap to watch, The Brice Kennedy Show is it.  And, when you finally do watch it (and you will, cause I told you to), you can thank me for referring you to such great entertainment.  And I will take this opportunity to thank Brice for the same.