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This article appeared in the Dominion Post Newspaper on October 17, 2002.

Local Filmmaker Prepares for His Own TV Show

by Lisa Ann Musick
The Dominion Post

Who knows what Brice Kennedy is going to do next?

But don't be surprised when you find out.

Here's what the ornery boy has gotten himself into now -- Kennedy is starring in his own one-man show, yes, his very own 30-minute comedic variety show.

"The Brice Kennedy Show" airs next month on PCTV Channel 21 in Pittsburgh and on Mountain Digital Cable Channel 7 in Preston County.

"The first episode was shot two years ago in the studio and on location all over Morgantown and Pittsburgh," Kennedy said in a recent telephone interview. "Money problems and resource problems prohibited me to pursue it any further."

Kennedy compares his comedic humor to that of Tom Green and Andy Kaufmann, both of whom have gone to great lengths to offend and to make the public laugh.

"It's also a half hour television show in which I try to draw attention to my childish behavior by any means necessary," Kennedy added.

That type of behavior has amazed and amused his friends and family.

And that's one premise for "The Brice Kennedy Show."

In the first episode, Kennedy licks inanimate objects and sometimes even guests, busts stuff up with a sledgehammer and is perhaps the only human alive that holds a grudge against his couch. Not to mention the various other humorous yet asinine acts he manages to conjure up. Musical guest, Johnny No-Name, who appears as a regular guest on the show takes part.

"I interviewed a PCTV intern from France," Kennedy said. "That poor girl, I think I upset her. I wanted to hand her a bottle of French's mustard, I don't think she appreciated that."

Of course I'm sure it didn't help matters when co-host Heather Tennant waltzed across the stage -- naked.

Here's some food for thought. Do you remember that strange boy who stood in the middle of Patteson Drive in his briefs last year? That was Kennedy shooting footage for his show. Many of you ask, even I asked, OK, why? What was the point?

"The whole point is to make people wonder what the point is," Kennedy said. "I was doing something that interrupted daily life."

Kennedy plans to film the upcoming weekly episodes in Pittsburgh as well in Morgantown. His guest list? The B movie icons, the Polonia Brothers and local radio personality Eric McGuire are planned so far. He also plans to skee bowl on one of his episodes. Oh, and Kennedy needs a new co-host for the show.

"I'm looking into getting some distribution in some Morgantown video stores like Video City as well as other video stores in West Virginia and Pennsylvania," Kennedy said.

More info on Kennedy's show is available online at or by calling Kennedy at 291-2258.

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